December 8, 1980

A Day After Story: John Lennon’s Gone. Stand By Me. I had to work December 9, 1980 at a Mall bookstore in Texas the day after most of us heard about John Lennon.  It was also an exhausting week for final projects soon to screen in film school, semester five. Each night project partners wouldContinue reading “December 8, 1980”

Where is the wild, always? Look up to the wild blue.

In the first week of December, Colorado skies have cleared completely. Cloudless after the Thanksgiving weekend storms and this morning’s sky is black as stout. Stars are widely visible, the air is crisp but not frigid. Mercury can be seen by your eyes unaided. At 35 degrees I can still stand comfortably in a longContinue reading “Where is the wild, always? Look up to the wild blue.”